February 28th, 2015.




FIASCO Dance Crew is a performance based dance crew, and it started as just that… a Fiasco (a debacle). Founded by Aukai Cain and Christina Libardoni in 2010, FIASCO started as just a group of dancers wanting to dance and booking local and industry events as pure entertainment. Over the years, FIASCO has developed as a rag-tag group of dancers led by Aukai and Christina to perform at various events and shows. In 2014, FIASCO finally established itself, as it’s own creature: a professional dance company that traverses all realms of the dance world. FIASCO is set apart from other dance crews and teams, as we perform in both the dance community and the dance industry, with two directors and founders at the helm, with extensive dance community and dance industry experience and knowledge. Our goal is to grow dancers to be ready to perform in the entirety of the dance world. “Fiasco” has many definitions… and we may have started as a “catastrophe, a failure, or a debacle,” but we have transformed into its other meaning… “AN UNFORESEEN EVENT” that is sure to enhance your viewing pleasure. #FEELtheFIASCO