Urban Street Jam

Our Philosophy

Dance, Music, Fashion, and Art

On September 17th, 2016, one of the largest competitions will hit San Diego, CA. Hosted by STYLZ Dance Studio, we are proud to present Urban Street Street Jam our 7th annual dance competition for the new 2016. Urban Street Jam will hold one of the largest competitive events to feature choreography dance competitions: varsity divison, junior varsity division, upper division and trio divisions, 1vs1 Bboy battle, as well as a 2-on-2 All Styles Dance Battle and Viewers Choice Solo Battle. This will be one of the largest competitive dance events held embracing the culture of hip hop and urban arts through visual art, dance, fashion, and music. Urban Street Jam invites all dance crews from different styles of dance and backgrounds to compete to take home the First SD 2016 Urban Street Jam championship title.

Mookie Washington

Urban Street Jam Host