Back in Anaheim

It's good to be back!

USJwill be returning to the Anaheim Convention Center February 28th, 2015! We are excited to be back to the big stage, soon to see you all watch, and compete in one of the biggest hip-hop dance events to come to California!

Urban Street Jam is known to show love to the community by expressing all forms of the meaning behind hip-hop in one event. We give our following the oppurtinity to let people see dancers perform and compete, all the while our dancers get the oppurtinity to show the world what they worked so hard to achieve. We always show nothing but love to our viewers and especially the hard working dancers the show their work. Urban Street Jam has a history with industry dancers such as Beat Freaks, Escntrcs, The Recipe Men and other greats!

Another important aspect to our event that is the very essence behind all the magic, is music. We bring in great musical performances to show off their musical talents. We love to give love back to those who want to share their music to the community, giving them their opportunity to shine. We also appreciate the amount of work the dancers put in mixing their work of art for their perfomances. Without music there wouldn't be entertainment.

The vendors at our event are also another key aspect. The fashion industry has always been a keen part of dressing our character, and we want to share that with you all bring you the best clothing brands for your shopping needs. USJ is also bringing out their brand for the fans of the event.

We appreciate you all coming back year after year, as the 6th event will be our biggest event! Let's celebrate the art behind this all and keep the movement alive. Mookie Washington will back to host the event and be the face and voice for this event. Much to Mookie for helping make this possible.

See you all again very soon!