Jungle Boogies



Feb 21st, 2011


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Jungle Boogie Crew is a group of multi-talented Stone Mountain, GA based dancers, known for thier unique dancing style "Cranking". The crew is very well versed and has trained in over 10 other dance styles and techniques as well. All of the members of the crew embrace thier animalistic moves accompanied by thier individual animal alter egos. They were considered to be the underdogs of MTV's "Randy Jackson presents America's Best Dance Crew", season 5. But thanks to their undeniable talent and dedication, they easily won over the hearts of America. After finishin in 4th place, higher than any other southern dance crew in the compeition, Junlge Boogie Crew is in high demand. Most recently they ere the key dancers in Old Navy's 2010 fall ad campaign "GobblePalooza" and guest starred on the new hit Disney dance show "Shake It Up".