Trio Division/2vs2 All Styles Battle


Anaheim 2018 Trio Division/2vs2 All Styles Battle


Early Bird Registration: $25.00

Trio Division

is open to all ages. The Trio Division is a category that focuses on the raw choreographic ability of the artist or group. This division should be treated as a choreography showcase and not as a crew showcase with the idea of being able to highlight a piece in its purest form. Formations and effects are secondary in the criteria of this division and purely for audience appeal but the core criteria will be choreography. With this in mind we decided to make this a 'trio' as to differentiate it from a solo performance or a freestyle venture; with two other dancers it will be deemed as an actual choreographed/rehearsed piece. This is recommended for aspiring choreographers or veteran choreographers who want to showcase their choreographic ability solely without the need of arranging a big/tedious production.

2vs2 All Stylz Battle

will consist of 2 dancers (a pair) per battle. Age is open. Battle music, will be conducted by a live DJ (no song/special requests). First round will be an exhibition, and all subsequent rounds will be pair vs. pair. The battle judges will determine battle winner.

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